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For example, a tight corner cubicle with high panels would not be suitable for people in a creative role who need to be in constant communication with their team. Sales people, on the other hand, may need to be in quieter, enclosed spaces so that they can carry on confidential phone conversations or conduct meetings in private. And of course, the synergies of having a more effective work environment can boost productivity.By asking yourself what your needs and wants are, you can better balance your budget when it comes down to brass tacks. A cost breakdown list can give you a detailed list of interior design ideas that you are going to employ in your home office design. By knowing exactly what materials and the labor costs are to install them, you can get a detailed budget that fits your wallet like a glove.Reception area: Because this is the first place visitors come across, it is made attractive and large. Desk for reception is made spacious and high. Similarly, lounge sofas used in the area are very beautiful, cushiony and comfortable.Furniture: having a collaborative office design is one thing, but in order for it to be truly cooperative you will need to invest in some unique and clever office furniture. The Bagua board can be used to space plan, accessorize and plan your color scheme. To get the most out of your home office design, it's a good idea to get a list going of your needs and wants. Reducing overhead costs of leasehold space and/or decreasing utility expenses for a building your own has an immediate and measurable impact on the bottom line. Depending on an individual's tasks, some employees will need a higher level of privacy to allow for deeper concentration while others will need to be in communication at all times.In modern office design there is no space for stiff conventional chairs. Even the designs for chairs have been redefined. Office Design 寫字樓設計 Shop Design